2005 YAMAHA Rx modification King Surakarta Full Fresh

2005 YAMAHA Rx modification King Surakarta Full Fresh
yamaha 2 stroke motor RX King's dream is the Young 1985-2011 years now.
Original design of the plant is already Gagah and stocky,so who did not look at this bike.
Motor is owned by Sholeh Cholok and girlfriend Chicik (Nguter Sukoharjo,Surakarta)
motor is derived from Surakarta or Solo designation is famous.
because there are financial interests so my friend's favorite bike is sold to the people of Jogjakarta.

This motor is wrapped with Aluminum Peleg accompanied by variations Ban Thin with merck Daytona racing standard.

Color of Water tank and fenders are given the brush from the Brush Junior top in Jogjakarta that do not want to be named.

original lamp has been replaced with lights merck Deshlamp variation, made in Germany (Jerman = jejere Jaiman Language javanes)

Rear swing arm has been replaced with a super track's Super croos.

where oil sampinh Syrup bottles made ​​with the former, the former beverage.

Block Stainlist colored steel machine that are not easily corroded.
thanks hopefully useful to you.

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