Modified Bajaj Pulsar bike in 2011

Motors modifications that would mejeng Bajaj Pulsar is dioprek same mechanics in MJ Motor located in the Iskandar Muda Jl.Sultan No.8 South Jakarta,just info aja bro & sis for bikers ...this place is a den of robbers so wrong ...... the point where the kids club collector pulsar ...their own tau deh kalo ga collector antecedent obrolin oprek-men'oprek away from their mounts, bro "Said" is so familiar call for 'Juragan' workshop ...(full name "Nursaid" ... yes .. like the name of candidate) is very open in terms of consulting with its clients, the people friendly and not overbearing ... proof BangInfo given a chance to cover his works (do not Ge'er Om Said) ...modification of the virus in this place was very concentrated, powerful if ga restrain lust can be directly infected by .If you want chimed every day usually fit their lunch get together here trus kalo dispersal of their working hours ...

Bajaj Pulsar Motor modifications following the results of the first Motor oprekan MJ. Call aja theme "Pearl of the South" or "Minimalism is sweet" because of the start of the pearl-white glaze on the motor is already inviting glance, the concept is simple modif This allows the owner to stay comfortable riding a Pulsar 180 cc to ride daily.


MGV framed rear wheels Alloy Wheels 3.5 "- front 3 '.
Micellin 160/60-17 rear tires, front 110/80-17 Tire Deli
Up side down front Shockbreaker Thailand.
Custom swing arm by MJ Motor.
Satria monoshock rear suspension.
Disc rear brake use Satria FU150., Front PSM.
Custom exhaust by Stanley.
The engine remained standard, just a little touch of Tune ups and Polish ports.
Headlights trail model.
Speedometer Koso RX1 brands.

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