Motorcycle Classic Honda CB 100 cc powered Tiger Aberdeen

rare two-wheeled vehicles are old,let alone the type of Honda CB. Motor output in the '80s it was still to be found in the East Village area of ​​Aberdeen.But what if the motors are elderly elderly alias this up grade with the speed of the motor equivalent of Tiger?
Yoyok Yusmianto the owner of the motor output Honda CB 1983. Yoyok admitted the old motor was not previously just a motorcycle wreck that mangkrak and could not function anymore. Almost left the bike frame and engine that could not walk.

The glorious old motor in the '80s was immediately removed and dismantled. Yoyok was dispensing machine motor,unsparing, tida motor that can run and is only transformed into a powerful 100 cc 200 cc. Apparently Yoyok upgrade from the original motorcycle engine into the engine from the engine motor Honda Tiger. From the form of the engine is different, but the innards of the machine is capable Yoyok formulated to be a Tiger machine.

"Initially it mangkrak,continue to the end from the machines in the up grade to 200 cc. Incidentally the inside of the engine's fix and blended until the engine in Honda's replaced with Tiger, "said Yoyok who lived in the East Village this Balikpapan.
Once inside the machine mixed and machine become a formidable force and ready to drive with a capacity of 200 cc. This time, Yoyok began concocting the frame of the bike.Starting from the shock front, Yoyok use Tiger's shock, while the rear shock uses manifold YSS. So if you see a front view of his shock-like motor Tiger.
However,the front lights and mirror still using the original lamp. Thus further Yoyok original impression motor CB was maintained and be unique. While at the sipdometer meters using speedometer Koso, no doubt the bike still looks old school.

"Headlights original,indeed if his Tiger shcok replaced. So that the front pedestal elagan and more powerful motors, "said Yoyok
While the star wheels combined with front disc calipers. While tires tailored to the sleek look of this bike. Front tire wear brand Vorsa size rear tire size 80/80 and 90/80. Discs and this tire does look simple so unique nuances also feels more stable.

Not only that, exhaust muffler replaced with Honda's GL max. From the side of the motor body is indeed enough to make people be wide open, knowing the old motor is polished like a new bike but still fairly strong impression jadulnya. Starting from the tank color is red with white combination, mesih red, black wheels.

"All of our restorations are similar to the original Honda CB, but with the same machine with Tiger. Sanhat sounded so old but the motor that the engine power of no less with the bike today, "said Yoyok.

Spend Rp 17 Million($ 1800)
ONLY a crazy person who dared to reach into koceknya modifications up to a dozen million dollars. Unmitigated Yoyok be poured koceknya reached Rp 17 million, the budget to buy all parts and modifications from the engine, frame, gas tank until the other device.

"Yes, about USD 17 million, because the motor is mangkrak then we perbaikin and modified and kahirnya could be like this," said Yoyok garage mechanic who is also a great source of Jaya Motor located in the East Village area of ​​Aberdeen.

These motors are often parked in front of his shop no doubt be a spectacle of the community. Yoyok admitted making motors that were once like damaged goods to be a unique bike, ciamik and has a high speed it takes about three months. This time is fairly long, because the old motor spare parts and components tersebuit rarely found in the auto parts store. He even had to call his friends who are also the same profession in Java.

"Actually it faster, because spare parts are quite difficult, knowing his old bike," said Yoyok known experts make a motor bike ciamik mangkrak this.

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