Vespa Motor Scooter modifications Road Race Sticker Contest

Modifikasi motor Vespa Scooter road race sticker kontes is the new scooter modifikasi concept that use modifikasi sticker and jok road race to the scooter bike. I am sure that this is the first time for you to see the custom modifikasi motor scooter like this one,sport road race scooter in full sticker and modifikasi jok balap style. As you know scooter motorcycle style usually look roamantic and retro.

Motor Vespa is the best scooter that decorate the motorcycle world. Well, at this modifikasi motor Vespa here you can see the best combination of modifikasi cat motor putih, biru and also the mix of that paint custom scooter motorcycle. you can also see the custom modifikasi jok balap road race at this Vespa. I like this Vespa on it modifikasi grafitti and I hope you can develop another style Vespa scooter motorcycle custom.

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