GL-Max Honda CB 100 '2000 & '75 From Surabaya

Made by Anwar and Reza modified Robby Speed ​​Surabaya workshop featured compact classic style with an up-grade the legs and a more modern machine finishing sweetened "eye catching" CB duo make it appear like a mannequin in the streets of the metropolis.
Honda's legendary owner, according to Anwar will remain favored and will not timeless. Although younger motor-based Honda GL-Max, even re-looking CB thanks dirupa application tank, side covers and rear fender orsi Honda CB.

"For the pair of end frame should be cut back in order to obtain the right dimensions," Roby said the modifier. Sector body it is considered appropriate care, turn the legs must appear stocky.

Airs next big application with a lathe Honda CBR 400 as komstir for re-installation, TDR supported rim tread width variation Kawak Ninja holds the drum in front of and behind the drum-style trail.

"Let the engine power is increasingly fierce, the block header of the engine, carburetor, transmission, Honda's piston installed Tiger air-valve Honda Cielo'll be able to smoke out his young brother on the road," said modifier of specialist machines that also do not forget to install the headlights of another variation of HD "in "on the CB-mania.

SPEK Modification:
SOK FRONT: Honda CBR 400, SOK REAR: Honda Tiger, VELG: TDR 350/17-400/17, BAN: IRC 80/90/17-SWALLOW 100/80/17, drum FRONT: Variations by Whisker, drum REAR: Custom Trail, calipers: Brembo. Modifier: Robby Speed, Ngagel Rejo Gg.01/04 Surabaya (031-60622796)

Reza, employees of Auto 2000 Surabaya also appeared segaya with Anwar "Brother CB" her. Output-based Honda CB 100 '75, still mempertahanin orsi body that has been re-wrapped look beautiful green color Spies Hecker.

Headlamp and variation application stoplamp typical Harley Davidson latest trends link above to proceed. Enhancer body look, modern look thanks to the foot front tomorrow big waste Trail bike clamping berkaliper big Brembo discs, not less discs equipped with rear wheel disc calipers clamped cutesy-It Ride.

TDR rear rim front tire with a tread width berlilit appropriate profile capable of producing order to match the legs of the body especially the chrome layer supported on the majority part the legs.

Mechanical power required to gahar segarang body look and legs. Cannibalize the engine block and header mocin owned Jaguar to be able to accommodate big dimensional piston air-valve Yamaha Scorpio Honda Cielo.

Action 8-mm stroke with as-crutch Honda GL-100 diisupport ratio Mega-Pro Honda and the Honda carburetor Mega-Pro can be worshiped arable machinery. "The results really worth korekan engine for touring, no need to diraguin durability," close the modifier.

SPEK Modification:
SCHOK AHEAD: Waste Trail Moge, VELG: TDR 250/17-300/17. BAN: Swallow 80/80/17-TDR 110/70/17, calipers: Brembo-Ride It, drum FRONT: Yamaha Vega, drum REAR: Trail custom, modifier: Robby Speed, Ngagel Rejo Gg.01/04 Surabaya (031 -60622796)

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