Suzuki NEX 2012 Suzuki New Exodus

NEX 2012 Suzuki Suzuki New Exodus - Want to know the latest Suzuki motorcycles? 2012 Suzuki NEX is a new class of motor scooter from Suzuki. PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) is an agent of the brand holder (APM) for Suzuki motorcycles and will make a new breakthrough with the launch of new motor scooter with a capacity of 110 cc, the Suzuki NEX 2012. The motor will be helped enliven the type of motor scooter market in Indonesia is now for the motor scooter class is still dominated by Honda and Yamaha Mio.Memang Beat, to this day still keeps the SIS meeting spesifiskasi of the motor which will be launched in November.

However, if you see Suzuki NEX have already been released in Taiwan and Japan. This motor scooter carrying capacity of 125 cc injection engine.

But predictable, Suzuki NEX will use 110 cc engine for Indonesia. This futuristic scooter design carries with lights follow the line of the front wing. While the headlamp like Suzuki Spin

In addition, the dimensions of the use of tire sizes smaller than the size of the scooter in general, with dimensions of 10-inch alloy wheels, scooter generally use 14-inch size. Then applying the dual-shock rear suspension, as found on the Suzuki Hayate.

Luggage NEX also quite relieved, because the sizes of 32 liters and is able to accommodate two helmets and openface fullface types at once. The size is claimed to be the largest in its class, such as the Honda spacy only 18 liters.
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