Modification of Surakarta Satria Fu 2011 Pearl White With Complexion Equator

Motor is a means of transportation that has become a common vehicle and each person has.
As for the motor includes a standard from the factory and there is a modification,

Modification is very difficult and needs long time to design a suitable color, especially if our money is minimal.
Sometimes we've Modified the front and the rear was less suitable, so fleeting Troubles of modification.

this time I will discuss the Suzuki Satria FU 2011 With modifications and elegant pearl white color.
Motor start we just discussed this Satria Fu.
this bike mesinya in the dressing with the engine block Stenlest High grade steel and aluminum.
brake discs replaced with large disc brakes with merck cakaram Daytona 333.
The shock front using Yamaha R15 Shock Edition.
MMC in order to use the exhaust merck Become A Super Bass sound and dry.
Along with Tromol bars wrapped with steel and Peleg Stenlest wearing large hoop Ramping Merecknya COMET.
Carburetors use Honda CBR 250 cc.
Spontaneous gas use in order tarikanya merck Domino Lightweight and fast.
and the final paint color by name Made in Carikan'Sukoharjo''Designers 'Mas Brow'.

This motor is Owned By:
Dwi Hartoko (Tokek)
Address: Guntur rt 01 rw 02, Gupit Nguter, Sukoharjo, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
Job as a Boy in one of the Ofice Cruises In Holland, if No One Cruises CARNIVAL.

The entire cost of this modification Spending Money $ 555.00
That's not a problem for owners Motor, because that money he can get in Cruise Ship in 2 weeks time period.
so first

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