Honda RC212V Super Sic will Present at Valencia

San Carlo Honda Gresini confirmed that it will present at the MotoGP 2011 Valencia after a majority of the team members wanted to pay homage to riders, Marco Simoncelli.
However, the team has yet to decide whether to lower the rider Hiroshi Aoyama or the motor of the team to race at the Ricardo Tormo circuit.

Honda RC212V ridden normally numbered 58 Super Sic will be present. "We have not decided who will race in Valencia," said Fausto Gresini. "We will announce tomorrow morning or after a funeral Super Sic."
The team is grateful for the love ditujukkan to Marco since last Sunday. "Super Sic star will shine in heaven forever! Of family and team, thank you "in a statement the team.
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Dani Pedrosa MotoGP Practice Session Clean Sweep Malaysia

Dani Pedrosa remains consistent throughout the Malaysian MotoGP practice session. Repsol Honda rider was re-recorded the fastest time in final practice session.
Pedrosa led the two Friday practice sessions. The Spaniard is back to being the fastest in final practice session with a record time of 2 minutes, 01.769 seconds at the Sepang circuit on Saturday (22/10).
While Marco Simoncelli of Honda Gresini team stuck to Pedrosa in second with 0.265 seconds adrift. In the third position occupied by his teammate Pedrosa, Andrea Dovizioso with a time of 2:2,034 seconds.

While other Repsol Honda rider, Casey Stoner was fourth in the last practice session. In fifth position is occupied by Ducati rider Nicky Hayden by 0.480 seconds adrift.

Teammate Hayden, Valentino Rossi was in eighth position. While replacement Joreg Lorenzo on a Yamaha, Katsuyuki Nakasuga still having trouble adapting to his motorcycle after there in the 17th position or last.
Racing will be conducted with 17 riders after the John Hopkins team withdrew from the Suzuki line-up because of his injury problems. "I apologize to the team because they gave me another chance but now I can not race,"

The results of FP III MotoGP Malaysia:
Pos  Rider               Team/Bike       Time/Gap
1.  Dani Pedrosa        Honda           2m01.769s
2.  Marco Simoncelli    Gresini Honda   + 0.265s
3.  Andrea Dovizioso    Honda           + 0.312s
4.  Casey Stoner        Honda           + 0.400s
5.  Nicky Hayden        Ducati          + 0.480s
6.  Alvaro Bautista     Suzuki          + 0.574s
7.  Colin Edwards       Tech 3 Yamaha   + 0.694s
8.  Valentino Rossi     Ducati          + 0.845s
9.  Hiroshi Aoyama      Gresini Honda   + 0.975s
10.  Loris Capirossi     Pramac Ducati   + 1.056s
11.  Randy de Puniet     Pramac Ducati   + 1.250s
12.  Cal Crutchlow       Tech 3 Yamaha   + 1.645s
13.  Hector Barbera      Aspar Ducati    + 1.785s
14.  Ben Spies           Yamaha          + 2.003s
15.  Toni Elias          LCR Honda       + 2.054s
16.  Karel Abraham       Cardion Ducati  + 2.183s
17.  Katsuyuki Nakasuga  Yamaha          + 2.860s
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Popularity Section totality Monster "Girls" Energy

Monster Energy's total in doing promotions.Brand energy drinks from Hansen Beverage Companyini even a lot of sponsoring motorsport teams,ranging from Formula 1,MotoGP,WRC,to off-road and motocross.
As the racing world that they do, Monster Energy is also famous by the iconic sexy girls called "Girl Monster". Almost in every race sexy women dressed in the typical "three-claw" comes with a seductive styles.
Not only accompany the rider,Monster Girl also gives the public an opportunity for photos with him. So it is not surprising that Monster Energy now has many fans around the world.
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Kuala Lumpur-The launch of the Ducati Monster 795 2012

The launch of the Ducati Monster 795 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Thursday (20/10) yesterday evening, a very special place. In addition to being a global debut, the emergence of Monster 795 in Malaysia feels very prestigious because it involves a nine-time MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi.
Unlike most Ducati launch of a product, the presence of even highly anticipated Monster 795 motorcycle lovers big in the Asean region. Indonesia is also waiting for the public even the presence of the Italian motorcycles.

At least 500 potential consumers Monster 795 comes to a launch event held at the shopping center The Rootz Club Lot 10, in Kuala Lumpur. They mingle together at least 100 media from around the world.
In addition, there were also the vice president of sales Cristiano Silei Ducati, Ducati Asia Pacific CEO Mirko Bordiga, and the leadership of Naza Group is the supplier of the Ducati in Malaysia Datuk Wira SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin.

A very special launch event after Rossi joined his nose appeared. Accompanied by thunderous applause, the Ducati rider is up to the stage to unveil the Monster 795.

Monster 795 is seen clearly focused on the Asian market. According to Bordiga Monster is Ducati's best-selling model in the world. "These motorcycles are iconic and very important in the history of Ducati. Monster 795 we built specially for the Asian market and kasawan Asean who are experiencing growth, "he said.

Meanwhile, SM Faisal added that the launch of the Monster 795 in Asia is very important. "We are not only introduced him to Malaysia, but also to Asia. This event is something extraordinary and Ducati has given honor to us, "said SM Faisal.
According to plan some supplementary agenda will be made Ducati 795 Monster in a welcoming presence in Asia. One of them, a plan launched in Indonesia, as well as other countries in Asean.
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2012 Yamaha YZF-R15 has an official presence in India with an aggressive and attractive model

2012 Yamaha YZF-R15 has an official presence in India with an aggressive and attractive model.Then what about Indonesia? Does PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) will soon bring this sportbike to the country?
According to Eko Prabowo, GM Promotion & Motorsport YMKI, Yamaha Motor Indonesia to date there are no plans to meniagakan Yamaha YZF-R15 2.0 2012.
Whereas the 2011 Yamaha YZF Facebook account R15, which is owned Yamaha India, a lot of comments from fans Yamaha Indonesia to bring the Honda CBR motorcycle competitor in the country.
Yamaha YZF-R15 2.0 2012 priced at Rp 19.8 million in India. He sustained a capacity of 149.8 cc engine that can generate power 17 hp.
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Yamaha Europe-Yamaha Xenter 2012 Facelift More and Gentle

Yamaha's got a touch of refinement Xenter 2012 to get a more comfortable ride handling.
Yamaha Europe has revised the rear suspension by taking the model's monocross Yamaha Tmax. The suspension is claimed to be more gentle when it crossed the road bumpy and rocky.This change also claimed that the manufacturer will fix handling more energetic, so drivings similar as a motorcycle than a scooter.

Still adopting a retro-modern look that combined the new design 16-inch alloy wheels 5-spoke model. To stop the speed mounted brake discs front and 267 mm to 150 mm drum technology with Yamaha's Unified Braking System (UBS), which provides braking pressure is evenly distributed between front and rear wheels.
Metre cluster using the LCD to show the modernity. While at the stern mounted box 39 liters.This scooter sustained injection engines 155 cc SOHC-powered 11.6 kw at 7500 rpm with torque of 14.8 Nm at 7500 rpm.
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Suzuki GW250 2012,China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition

Has been introduced in China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMAMotor) 2011,which took place last week in China.
Suzuki also ensure the GW250 will be a global product with inaugural debut in China. Furthermore, 'Baby B-King' will enter the Indonesian market, Europe, Latin America and South Africa.

Reportedly, during the dealer meeting last month, the Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) has presented a program of new products for 2012 Suzuki. One of them GW250 2012.
Motorcycle sport-touring style is designed as hyperbike Suzuki B-King. Futiristik headlights and an aggressive look. With two mufflers conventional model makes in appearance imply an aura of a modern classic.

Buttressed by a new engine and a liquid-cooled bergetaran smooth. Aggressive performance with durability qualified. This machine also claimed environmentally friendly.

Injection of 248 cc engine capable of producing 18 hp kw (24 hp) at 8500 rpm and torque of 22 Nm at 6500 rpm 23.8. Dimensions length x width x height of each x 760 2.145 x 1.075 mm and weighs 182 kg.
Her presence is awaited Suzuki fans to fight with the Honda CBR 250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250R.In China, GW250 cost $3600.
Here's the official video uploaded on YouTube Suzuki China.
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Yamaha Mio Solo-perfoma Mio bore-up 200 cc

Fantastic. So says the right depict performance Mio 200 cc bore-up filmed the famous mechanic from Solo, Muhammad Arif Wibowo Sigit,fondly called Pele. When performances Breadfruit Dragbike 2011 Purwodadi some time ago (19 /6) was able to carve the time of 7.6 seconds for 201 meters track menu. And when lauched on 12 Surabaya Solar event on July 2 incised time 7.7 seconds. As a result,the current best record in the class of automatic at 200 cc.
Just a note only, that FFA race with an average capacity of 300-350 cc of playing in the notch 7 seconds to 7.3 seconds. So, not far adrift despite significant differences in the capacity of the cylinder so. Notes link above to proceed, the tuner is consistently researching Pele kudabasi automatic. Various trials conducted to achieve the output power is better.

"We have discovered a new formulation for the design of the camshaft. Blend between open-close angle into and exhaust valve play in figures 64 and 22 degrees. So there is at 266 degrees duration, "said Pele who use Noken mentahan the faces made and re-peg the valve diameter 33 mm and 28 mm for the sides in and ex. Previously, the duration at 255 degrees.

Respect to the formulation of the camshaft, it appeared that changes take place to adjust the weight of a standard magnet turner to find the optimal weight of 675 grams. "Labour under more fierce, top-speed is also more violent. Stay instinct jockeys need to understand the character of power, especially when the moment of start, "said Stephanus Nawir, jockey from Semarang is also the younger brother of senior dragster, Eko Chodox.

Further traced to the use of carburetor Keihin PE 28, the reamer is not as is usually done through the venturi diameter to 30 mm. Talk capacity enlargement cylinder Yamaha, then used oversized piston Tiger 275 (66.25 mm), while stroke remains the standard factory (57.9 mm). As a result, the volume of a 199.4 cc engine cylinder and remains in the limit of regulation. | Ogy

When dragbike automatic 200 cc class or FFA attended the past two years, then the brain's performance ignition or CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) congenital Yamaha Fino (Thailand) further claimed that many mechanical bertaji mengaplikasinya.

Including today, there is still much confident with CDI on the market which is released in the price range of 800 thousand. However, further development, this type of programmable certainly better.

Of course, this context refers to the ignition timing curve that can be set as desired and secured more optimal boost power in different levels of engine RPM. Given the software is capable of setting the ignition timing per 500 or 250 RPM.

"After doing research over and over, use the Pro Drag CDI Rextor the DC or direct current is more stable in the lap down to the top. Precisely when using CDI Fino, power of less stretchy, "said Pele is confident with compression ratio 13.8: 1 and indeed long enough to play automatic kiliker than others.
"In general, the highest ignition timing at 37 degrees at 9000 RPM. Above 10 thousand RPM at 35 degrees, "added Pele is confident with exhaust Kawahara K2 and ready to be contacted on Mobile: 08122971361. ogy

SPEK korekan
PISTON: Tiger (66.25 mm), Carburetor: Keihin PE 28, MAIN JET: 125, PILOT JET: 40, ROLLER: 8 grams (6), CDI: Rextor (Pro Drag), KNALPOT: Kawahara K2.
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Scooter ride in the rain until the normal flood conditions is fun,while wearing a trench coat and dress pants stay clean, the water splashes ditangkis optimal wing scooter. For spurring high dikecepatan was not afraid of dirty underwear. Anyway comfortable with the scooter,let alone luggage can be packaged in a box, one product characteristic scooter today.

But do not be too fun, watch the fate of the living conditions of CVT, the intruding water or not? Lha how come? Remember the cooling fan on the scooter has a suction fan on fin design. So when it rains or flooding, more or less water will enter the air circulation path, which would otherwise be used to track the hot air damper CVT space. That goes for the scooter is not used radiator.

And if water entering what would happen? Surely V-Belt on pulleys as the holder will slip, if not already slippage mean energy channeled into the CVT perfectly. The ends are wasteful of fuel, and making motorists will panic. Sometimes to cause strange noise in CVT.

Create a scooter mania, if you already know the symptoms so, squatting beside CVT briefly yuk. A little more down, see the bottom of the CVT. All scooter is equipped with exhaust holes, but are designed differently. There is a transparent tube, there is also a form of water drain bolt. And perform the checks, by opening the water drain hose or bolt. Once opened, tilt your scooter in order to facilitate the water from your scooter CVT space out.

GL-Max Honda CB 100 '2000 & '75 From Surabaya

Made by Anwar and Reza modified Robby Speed ​​Surabaya workshop featured compact classic style with an up-grade the legs and a more modern machine finishing sweetened "eye catching" CB duo make it appear like a mannequin in the streets of the metropolis.
Honda's legendary owner, according to Anwar will remain favored and will not timeless. Although younger motor-based Honda GL-Max, even re-looking CB thanks dirupa application tank, side covers and rear fender orsi Honda CB.

"For the pair of end frame should be cut back in order to obtain the right dimensions," Roby said the modifier. Sector body it is considered appropriate care, turn the legs must appear stocky.

Airs next big application with a lathe Honda CBR 400 as komstir for re-installation, TDR supported rim tread width variation Kawak Ninja holds the drum in front of and behind the drum-style trail.

"Let the engine power is increasingly fierce, the block header of the engine, carburetor, transmission, Honda's piston installed Tiger air-valve Honda Cielo'll be able to smoke out his young brother on the road," said modifier of specialist machines that also do not forget to install the headlights of another variation of HD "in "on the CB-mania.

SPEK Modification:
SOK FRONT: Honda CBR 400, SOK REAR: Honda Tiger, VELG: TDR 350/17-400/17, BAN: IRC 80/90/17-SWALLOW 100/80/17, drum FRONT: Variations by Whisker, drum REAR: Custom Trail, calipers: Brembo. Modifier: Robby Speed, Ngagel Rejo Gg.01/04 Surabaya (031-60622796)

Reza, employees of Auto 2000 Surabaya also appeared segaya with Anwar "Brother CB" her. Output-based Honda CB 100 '75, still mempertahanin orsi body that has been re-wrapped look beautiful green color Spies Hecker.

Headlamp and variation application stoplamp typical Harley Davidson latest trends link above to proceed. Enhancer body look, modern look thanks to the foot front tomorrow big waste Trail bike clamping berkaliper big Brembo discs, not less discs equipped with rear wheel disc calipers clamped cutesy-It Ride.

TDR rear rim front tire with a tread width berlilit appropriate profile capable of producing order to match the legs of the body especially the chrome layer supported on the majority part the legs.

Mechanical power required to gahar segarang body look and legs. Cannibalize the engine block and header mocin owned Jaguar to be able to accommodate big dimensional piston air-valve Yamaha Scorpio Honda Cielo.

Action 8-mm stroke with as-crutch Honda GL-100 diisupport ratio Mega-Pro Honda and the Honda carburetor Mega-Pro can be worshiped arable machinery. "The results really worth korekan engine for touring, no need to diraguin durability," close the modifier.

SPEK Modification:
SCHOK AHEAD: Waste Trail Moge, VELG: TDR 250/17-300/17. BAN: Swallow 80/80/17-TDR 110/70/17, calipers: Brembo-Ride It, drum FRONT: Yamaha Vega, drum REAR: Trail custom, modifier: Robby Speed, Ngagel Rejo Gg.01/04 Surabaya (031 -60622796)
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Honda CB 100 '76 Pekalongan-Modifications to the concept of custom retro look

Modifications to the concept of custom retro look is not synonymous with old school style of old motors. With a touch of chrome and laburan in some corner of the engine or the legs of the fact that a universal performance can also be elegant accomplishment.
"Its main mission is to give birth again to keep the old motor can be beautiful without changing the original form," said Syaiful Dahri Modifis Honda CB 100 is output in 1976.
Besides referring to the concept also apply doi elegant retro style flat feet that feels up to date with style modif young people today. "All the legs of the device is still original, flat also with wrote to slang," said DOI.

Being clean is obtained with a whitewash elegant 80 percent all motorcycle parts to detail-detail up to the second drum. "Well let me a little bit modern and literate aseso to rim I made ​​almu select output size 17-inch Comet," continued DOI.

After getting mixs elegant style of chrome, paint finishing was no less bright and clean with a choice of white. Affirmation of retro elements also focused on the tank and cover are painted retro duo tone blue and black.

"Let me paint and the clears I firmly rely on Sikken," lid Binter Merzy stoplamp this user. DNR
SPEK Modification
Rim DPN / BLK: Comet 2.15-17, BAN DPN / BLK: Swallow Dragblaster 60/80-17, STOPLAMP: Binter Merzy, carburetor / PISTON: Honda GL Max, CAT / CLEAR: Sikken, modifier: Denro Custom. Jl. White Ferns, Kedungwuri, Pekalongan
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Unique Video,Wear a pair of Young Wheelie Scooter

We show that is quite unique in the video below, but we suggest you not try to try it on the highway. Lifting the front wheel in a motor running condition (wheelie) can indeed do a lot of bikers. But the attractions of 'circus' in this video show a very high risk.
Doing a wheelie as he rode the high skill needs. Not only the balance of rider demands,also be calm and can help offset the fulcrum.

Especially do wheelie on the highway and at high speed. Chinese youth include high balls. Moreover, the pebonceng which is a woman. Without the safety attributes of both partners is melesatkan scooter with front wheels removed.
You can imagine how the fate of both human attraction is if this ridiculous run failed. Perhaps not only the asphalt that will injure the skin, but the vehicle was ready to run him behind.
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Motor 1199 Ducati Panigale engined 'Superquadro'

Motor 1199 Ducati Panigale will mendebut at EICMA 2011 in November certainly brings a new machine.Cardiac mechanical V-twin is called 'Superquadro' which is claimed as a revolution Ducati Superbike engine full of latest technology.

Bologna motorcycle manufacturer revealed a design and construction of compact and powerful. The surplus on a lighter weight engine block compared with the other bikes as well as more aggressive performance.
Machines that will be grafted on as a substitute Panigale Ducati 1199 Ducati Superbike 1198 has 20 hp more power than previous versions.
This machine will give off power 195 hp at 10,750 rpm and 13.5 kgm of torque at 9,000 rpm.
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New Lohia Auto Industries Genius e-Bike,From Hindustan Electric Motors

Lohia targeting the youth market as a shooting Genius. Having a light weight,environmentally friendly and sound without the police.
Could be invited to tour up to 60 kilometers with a maximum speed of 25 kph.Buttressed by an electric motor mated to 48 Volt 20Ah battery charging can be done by the time 6-8 hours.

"Genius e-Bike will target youth market that has not worked practiced by other manufacturers. Genius has a significant value,especially on environmental protection, "says Ayush Lohia, CEO Lohia Auto Industries.
Genius e-Bike is available in three colors blue,yellow and red with the official RS 25,499
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2010 MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo Want to Meet People Indonesia

last week was stopped by Jorge Lorenzo returned to Bali to greet fans and filming ads in Garuda Wisnu Kencana,Jimbaran,Bali.
2010 MotoGP world champion Spaniard is riding the Yamaha M1 has aspirations to buy a house on the island. Not only that,the rider aged 24 was also hoping to get a companion to live in Indonesia.

Desires and expectations are delivered directly by Lorenzo through the General Manager of Promotion and Motorsport Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia Eko Prabowo, which was launched by antaranews.
"The atmosphere and weather here is very nice especially the beach a lot that I can visit if you have time,'he said as quoted by Eko Prabowo.
Lorenzo also very impressed with the friendliness of the people on the island which became a tourist destination, because there are always people show good attitude and thinking.

His arrival for the third time on the island of Bali,Lorenzo vacation and a break ahead of the MotoGP season,completing three series this year.
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KTM Unveils M32 machine for Moto3 2012

TM launched the M32 engine to race in MotoGP class Moto3 2012.M32 engine development headed by Wolfgang Felber.
Kurt Trieb was assigned as the M32 engine is the creator Kurt Trieb. Trieb is a specialist engineering and had responsibility for the KTM MotoGP motorcycle V4.
Stefan Pierer, KTM's CEO

While the motorcycle chassis will be manufactured KALEX Moto3 Engineering. Machines are fully developed at the headquarters of KTM in Mattighofen.
M32 with a capacity of 249.5 cc, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, liquid berpendingn, with 6-speed gearbox. Maximum engine speed 14 000 rpm.
"We are delighted to return to the MotoGP paddock with a product that reflects all the expertise and the development of our technology," says Stefan Pierer, KTM's CEO.
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Between MV-Agusta Harley Davidson

MV Agusta brand to Claudio Castiglioni. According to news received, sales of sport bike brand is once again changed ownership in the hands of MV Agusta Motor Holding, Slr
Castiglioni is an Italian motorcycle company's former owner and had served as head of MV Agusta since 2008, when Harley-Davidson acquired the company.

Resale of MV Agusta has actually echoed the Harley-Davidson in October 2009. Sale of MV Agusta Harley-Davidson aims to be memokuskan quality of its workforce to manufacture large motors typical American.
"MV Agusta is a proud brand and we look forward Castiglioni and employees remain in good condition," president and CEO of Harley-Davidson Keith Wandell.

"Our decision to release the MV Agusta is a cornerstone of our strategy to focus on our investment in Harley-Davidson. We believe this step will bring the Harley-Davidson into the path of the more leverage for long-term growth,"he continued.
Meanwhile,Castiglioni said it would continue the tradition of MV Agusta in creating beautiful motorcycles. He also promised would make the new models,so the MV Agusta motorcycles remain the jewels of Italy.
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Luxury Motor MV Agusta F4 R Corsa Corta 2012-Decreased energy

MV Agusta F4 2012 R Corsa Corta offer cheaper prices despite lower specification.
MV Agusta F4 RR version priced at 17,999 pounds sterling. While the F4 2012 R Corsa Corta only 14,499 pounds sterling.
Similarly, the mechanical heart. Using a 998 cc engine as yours F4 RR. It's just a smaller energy than a 195 hp used F4 RR 201 hp. This engine mated to a 6-speed transmission.

Front suspension F4 2012 R Corsa Corta using an adjustable suspension Marzocchi 50 mm, while the F4 RR beremblem Ohlins.
For braking mounted Brembo 320 mm to 220 mm in front and aft. Her face is no different with the MV Agusta F4 RR. Available in two colors: red and gray combination of white and gray.
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Modification Honda CB 100 Cafe Racer style from Taiwan

got older motor? mainly from the class of artificial Honda GL CB until the capacity of 100 ato 125 cc? but already feel bored with the look nyang-that's all standard factory default alias. So do not run out of ideas for mounts make over there to the more beautiful models namely Caferacer. Woohoo! old motorcycle with classic sports bagekan dimodif flow of coffee and sugar aka clop!, it also inspired a modifier nyang from Taiwan named ... I can not reed writing Kenji, to beautify ndak practically let his mount out of style by other bikers.
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chopper is based on Honda's C-series engine (Honda C90)

Who would have thought behind that impress tongkrongannya 'bad ass', 'Chopper' is based on Honda's C-series engine (Honda C90). Diametrically opposed to looking 'outlaw'nya not it? but that's the real creation of the Japanese domestic builder will ride his favorite. Try to click on his personal website here, there will be described how the 'mini' Chopper 'is formed from the beginning to look like the picture dibawah.Hanya rely on the original engine mounting motorcycle luggage and trunks as komstir, C90 engine is still sweet on a stick frame hand made from an iron pipe 1 / 4 ". Outlaw themes are mostly applied keubahan large motors, it is also suitable for application kemotor engined mini. The first thing that I fear to change motorcycle kemodel bullion sector was under the impression empty tank, but in the mini chopper is empty impression are resolved with the formation of double down tube as a buffer as the steering komstir made docked, as well as rake angle steering handle made not too tick until the solid impression can be obtained on this changes.

Then the second, the use of plant innate swing arm will be retained, then the empty impression in the stern that I fear it will be lost. With a combined tire rim profile gembot 16 "plus shockbreker who replaced pieces of iron rods, rigid bobber directly implied impression, but is this the rider will not torture you? given the rigid ajrutan would torture butt if used on the streets.

And the last is in the middle sector. Many newbie modifier less attention to detail on the change in the middle, especially on the engine. The impression will tercuat empty if not very clever to outsmart with a light touch. But in this mini-chopper, the impression of empty section can be resolved with placement of a filter box and the battery holder to supply the electricity needs on this bike. Good Job! ... Will detail the changes that created the creator, the impression of small-engined motorcycles solid look harmonious when combined with themes that have been selected.

And to reinforce the impression physcocyle Outlaw style, the motor made a bit dull, the selection of black paint on the entire order had the look fierce. Installation of the tank model peas and half the rear fender model that allowed the rust covered, as if the owner has the impression of an anti-establishment like most hard bikers. And most gokil are matters for the front wheels are wrapped by the development of know the style of scratching the ground motor size 17 ", really have missed that this bike is only for physcocyle only.

modif today's inspiration, I really loved to see the motor bike engined mini duck alias, but if changed to become more macho or tough, haunted impression will surely be seen in terms of look. And the last word from me, "motorcycle style is anti-death affairs modif.
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Blue The Clasic Motor YAMAHA V75

50cc - 70cc with air conditioning, use 3 level shift gears, automatic clutch wet type, still relies on platinum ignition with 6v electrical resources, as well as having the latest technology (that time) in a matter of mixing the oil side system rooyr fuel called Autolube. So the motor V50 and V75 (and later to the products 2 stroke Yamaha motorcycle), for the use of oil is not mixed into the side of the fuel tank,but separate and suplai using the oil pump side come to move in accordance with the rotary engine. While the gas cap open and the engine rev up and down controls to adjust the debit side the oil fuel will be mixed kebahan.

Yamaha V50 Autolube Gen 2.

Does not stop diversion 50cc only. In order to provide two options to consumers at the time, making the manufacturer takes the initiative to include a motor that has a rather large of Public. In the same year, Yamaha V75 Autolube to import freely sale our country. With the bearing capacity of 73cc engine, and comes with two measures of technology, as well as retaining the oil mixing system with autolubes side. The younger brother of the V50, it is also involved in the realm of pitch two-wheeled motorcycle sales in Indonesia up in 1978. Because in that year and above, Autolube V50 and V75 has evolved into Autolube V80 orbit period ending in 1986.
Autolube Yamaha V75.
And please note, although adopting the technology which is said to have a 2 stroke power nan voracious fuel consumption, it was rebuffed by both the motor. For a distance of 100km course,Yamaha V50 Autolube only 1.4lt fuel, whereas the V75 is only Autolube 1.6lt fuel alone. This is attained by motor speed of 50 to 60 kph.Yeahhh .... Not quite ngirit again then, but it could be said ngirit once:-D.
Autolube Yamaha V80 (CDI = 1982 s / d 1986).

Last ... although now it can be said motor being endangered, such as 2 stroke motors other. Sometimes if we live in rural areas like me, must still be able to see, although the condition of the Autolube 50 or 75 is very alarming. But it must be recognized, slowly but surely the existence of two stroke motors will be crushed by the presence of 4-stroke motors with technology that he says are more environmentally friendly and economical fuel consumption.
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DKW was the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer In 1931

During the late 1920s and 1930s, DKW was the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer In 1931,Ing Zoller started building split-singles and this concept made DKW the dominant racing motorcycle in the Lightweight and Junior classes between the wars.At the same time, the company also had some success with super-charged racing motorcycles.The motorcycle branch of the company produced very famous models such as the RT 125 pre- and post-World War II,and after the war it still made 175,250 and 350 models. As reparations after the war,the design drawings of the RT125 were given to Harley-Davidson in the US and BSA in the UK.

The Harley-Davidson version was known as the Hummer, while BSA used them for the Bantam. IFA and later MZ models continued in production until the 1990s, when economics finally brought production of the two stroke to an end.Other manufacturers also copied the DKW design,officially or otherwise.This can be seen in the similarity of many small two-stroke motorcycles from the 1950s,including a product of Yamaha, Voskhod and Polish WSK.
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Modified Motorcycles Yamaha Mio 2011 Sweet Dragon Snake version

Indeed, many modifications motors in developing countries,as well as the growth of technology today.
This little part Yamaha Mio with Dragon Concept sweet.
why with the title Dragon Sweet,,,?

as seen from the color of the Dragon 's type as beautiful and sweet, with a bandage Cat White and red colors, plus black patterned Airbrush Circle ellipse.
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Kawasaki Ninja 650R sport

Change your style with the best view of the motorcycle kawasaki, kawasaki provide the best service to consumers in the driving motor. This year’s street product meluncurka kawasaki 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650R sport. full body fairing that is interesting, on the front lights look like the eyes of a robot. 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650R is planned with a single shock system, given a choice of different colors to meet customer satisfaction. besides that a soft seat makes the rider comfortable in a walk.
The balance of compact size and good power offered by the Ninja 650R’s predecessor was the key to its success. To fit into its trim package, an In-line Four would have been too wide and a V-Twin too long. The only engine design that offered both good power characteristics and the requisite compactness was a Parallel Twin. While maintaining this balance, the new engine gets a number of tweaks that offer smoother low-mid response and a quicker-revving character.

MSRP $7,099 USD.
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Selection of the Best in Sumatra Lady Mio

Alpha Scorpii, as the main dealer in the region of Sumatra Yamaha plans to hold elections best of the best special Lady Mio area of ​​Medan, Pekanbaru and Aceh. This plan was inspired by the successful implementation of the event Mio Suka Suka in Medan,30 September to 2 October.
Selection Lady Mio Mio Suka Suka at the event which took place in Medan last week's flooding enthusiasts. A total of 300 young women to register and then filtered into 10 finalists Lady Mio. Around 10 thousand visitors crowded the Lady mio selection event which took place in Medan Square Plaza parking lot.

Enthusiasm moves the Alpha Scorpii Lady Mio to hold elections for the area of ​​Medan, Pekanbaru and Aceh. Those entitled to follow it are the three top ranking of the three areas that previously had been elected during the elections for the event Mio Mio Lady Suka Suka.

"His name is best of the best Lady Mio. Given the magnitude of interest in a young woman who wants to show his talent and also the positive public response, we will hold a special election is Lady Mio, "said Taufik Hidayat, Promotion Alpha Scorpii.

Implementation of Suka Suka Mio event itself took place in Medan successful, although tinged heavy rains and flooding at some point through which the city touring with Lady Mio. Touring this city even more exciting because it provides a new experience while touring in the rain.

Meanwhile, carpet event Mio Suka Suka at Tamani Square, Jakarta, which took place simultaneously with the field, also enlivened visitors. Putri Indonesia 2010 Inda Endaliani intelligence that adds excitement to MC the event. Inda also inspired the 10 finalists Lady Mio in Jakarta with his experience level Putri Indonesia following the event.

Queen Amelia was selected as the Lady Mio in Jakarta set aside nine other finalists. Band gigs add a festive event Ran Mio Suka Suka in Jakarta.

Mio Suka Suka also filled street entertainment event. Combi Van Club Mio Suka Suka and OBVan Radio accompany around. Street entertainment venues visited youth hangouts, favorite school and campus, downtown, cafes and hypersquare and food court, with the goal of families and young children.

At the center location of the event itself Mio Suka Suka who are at the point the crowd, made different with a giant balloon placed Mio Suka Suka a length of 30 meters and a diameter of 12 meters.
Another activity that characterizes the event Mio Suka Suka presented to entertain visitors, including games,test ride,safety riding by 10 finalists Lady Mio, the appearance of national bands,acoustic & live DJ performances, model & dance performances and exhibition booth ladies.
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Motor Hyosung GT650R 2012,Arrives Next Month

Garware GT650N Hyosung Motors will launch in India next month.GT650N a naked version of the GT650R will help companies to increase the volume significantly.
Presence to push the target company to sell 1,200 units in the country in the first year of its presence.

GT650N streetfighter look more muscular and use a 650cc engine producing 72 hp at 9000 rpm and torque of 60 Nm at 7500 RPM. GT650N will be priced around 1 lakh rupees (USD 19 million) less expensive than the GT650R.
Garware GT250R Motors also plans to launch in March 2012 to fight with the Kawasaki Ninja 250R and Honda CBR 250R.
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Marco Simoncelli test Honda RC213V-holiday in the Philippines

After extending his contract with San Carlo Honda Gresini,Marco Simoncelli test Honda RC213V bike for MotoGP 2012.
Tests carried out a day after the 2011 Japanese GP was held at Twin Ring Motegi circuit and Simoncelli before flying to the Philippines for a vacation for a while.
Honda RC213V 1000 cc engine will be riding in the next season."The big day has finally arrived and I was riding a motorcycle which I will wear next season to defend the San Carlo Honda Gresini team," he said.

"This is a fantastic driving experience as much as 50 rounds RC213V at Motegi. I immediately felt peracaya themselves and recorded the same time with the RC212V, he added. "I will give input and advice to the engineering team, which I hope will be important for the development of motorcycles."
"Now, I want to vacation island of Boracay in the Philippines before the fight at Philip Island," he explained.
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Suzuki NEX 2012 Suzuki New Exodus

NEX 2012 Suzuki Suzuki New Exodus - Want to know the latest Suzuki motorcycles? 2012 Suzuki NEX is a new class of motor scooter from Suzuki. PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) is an agent of the brand holder (APM) for Suzuki motorcycles and will make a new breakthrough with the launch of new motor scooter with a capacity of 110 cc, the Suzuki NEX 2012. The motor will be helped enliven the type of motor scooter market in Indonesia is now for the motor scooter class is still dominated by Honda and Yamaha Mio.Memang Beat, to this day still keeps the SIS meeting spesifiskasi of the motor which will be launched in November.

However, if you see Suzuki NEX have already been released in Taiwan and Japan. This motor scooter carrying capacity of 125 cc injection engine.

But predictable, Suzuki NEX will use 110 cc engine for Indonesia. This futuristic scooter design carries with lights follow the line of the front wing. While the headlamp like Suzuki Spin

In addition, the dimensions of the use of tire sizes smaller than the size of the scooter in general, with dimensions of 10-inch alloy wheels, scooter generally use 14-inch size. Then applying the dual-shock rear suspension, as found on the Suzuki Hayate.

Luggage NEX also quite relieved, because the sizes of 32 liters and is able to accommodate two helmets and openface fullface types at once. The size is claimed to be the largest in its class, such as the Honda spacy only 18 liters.
Recent Suzuki Motor, Suzuki 125 2012 Nex, latest suzuki motor scooter, suzuki motor model output newest, latest suzuki motorcycle 2012
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Modification Honda Revo from gudeal

sorry I can only love your image.....
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yamaha fz1,yamaha fz1 radiator guard

When it comes to bicycles, only one has successfully built on top of the list a few places the rights of the brand. Yamaha is a good name, represented as a popular choice for a bike ride to celebrate. Yamaha motorcycles are known as the lovable, good, reason is that they speak for themselves, he was quite high, durability and function like the charm of conversation. Yamaha has recently launched a new Yamaha FZ16. This bike will become a competitive brand a few sleepless nights and other consumption patterns. At the same time,it has gone through a surprising bike enthusiasts and adventure. The model of the bike is welcomed with open arms.

yamaha fz1 fairing
Yamaha FZ16 is gathered in a long list of special features, it is easy to set a reasonable price Yamaha FZ16 you visit. Imbibing a sporty look, the new Yamaha FZ16 review is the real beauty is on the road. Whether you look, beauty, strength or performance comparison is always peaks. This is all set to change the landscape of road bike. Yamaha FZ1 the best tag, this model is amazing bicycle bike model estimated. Bold appearance and strong growth in the existing models makes it possible to bike Yamaha list.The bike parts are fairly large in size, add up the number for the bike.
Yamaha FZ1 the best model for their own car with a comfortable size, including the big 140mm tires. These tires look manly hand wheel to run the artist is so brave. To be more certain of its unique features, this bike has been a 1.5 mm pipe. For the most demanding riders, the head lamp is a unique setting for an exclusive to a wheel, which makes it look more sexy and different from the overall appearance of the previous models. Yamaha FZ16 price, a stop that incredible speedometer, fuel gauge, tachometer,trip odometer, and IT availability. In addition, the rod catch and cut its tail,it looks better than riding a bicycle. In the 153cc engine is the perfect implementation, and to give 13.6 Nm of torque is only 6000 rpm. To mention the car is brilliant. This is the start the bike, and will definitely give a strong rider encountered a runaway horse on the road.
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Yamaha fazer 750cc,nova fazer

yamaha fazer 750cc

In Europe,it seems to have all the fun over. Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 S2 FZ6 and Yamaha are: they are two very nice Yamaha on the side of the pond where the Yamahamotayoroppa FZ6 models have adopted an official Web site says. Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 seems to be closest to where we are in a standard.

Yamaha FZ6 (view more boring all the time.) As U.S. fZ 6 Fazer FZ6 panel, top-up is very similar. Without headlights and front cover, completely naked the other side S2 FZ6. Yamaha is the only technical differences between the two bodies design performance specifications after that match exactly. So how the European model, or a stack of the United States? Well, because I would like to know, I'm glad the question.

yamaha fazer 250 tuning

Surprise! Between American and European versions are different machines and performance. Whew! I thought they saw the motorcycle was going too fast and the cooler. If not, I think. However, you use some nice features. First, electronic immobilizer, each FZ6 Fazer S2 and FZ6 S2 is the standard. Also, if you wish, include: (a slight weight penalty of course) as an option for seem ABS resin can be installed. In the U.S. it is also not an option.
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Motor Sport Trill And Sweet Girls

Nice Girls,,,nice Motor,,nice all
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Old motor vespa modification(Vespa Tua)

the colection photo old motor vespa tua modification.
old motor vespa tua modif. still have good condition and ready for touring in highway. may be the owner is like to collect the antic motor and can take good care the motors. this is photo collection some vespa classic with all modif in great condition machine.
take care some old motor is need some extra money to services the engine to be good and ready to go around. may be we can look some old motor to buy in the old motor market that sale the motor.
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Field Marshal wins main event

Field Marshal (S. John up) claimed the Fernhills Palace Mysore 2000 Guineas (1,600m), the chief event of the races held here on Friday (Sept.30). The winner is owned by Mr Harresh N Mehta Mrs. Muyurri H Mehta , rep Rohan Bloodstock Pvt. Ltd.and is trained by S. Padamanabhan.

The results:

1. BHARACHUKKI PLATE (1,400m), rated 25 & below: Gentle Legend (Jagadeesh) 1,Aamazing Flora (Rajesh Babu) 2, Leather Queen (S.John) 3 and Kukanof (Roushan) 4 . Lnk, Nk and 2 . 1m 27.44 s. Rs. 146 (w), 29,16 and 13(p), FP: Rs. 1472, Q: Rs. 380, SHP: Rs. 51, Trinella: Rs. 1676 and Rs. 1105. Favourite: Leather Queen .Owner Mr.. B Hariraj Shetty. Trainer. Feroz M. Khan.

2. LOKAPAVANI PLATE (Div. II), (1,200m), rated 25 & below, 4-y-o & over: Smart Edition (P. S. Chouhan) 1, Aetius (Chandrashekar) 2, Fruit King (R. Bharath) 3 and Blue Gum (Rajesh Kumar ) 4. Not run: Spark Of Passion and Neel Gagan 1/2, 1 and shd. 1m14.01 s. Rs. 35 (w), 14,30 and 15 (p), FP: Rs. 166, Q: Rs. 157, SHP: Rs. 118, Trinella: Rs. 473 and Rs. 147.Favourite: Smart Edition. Owners: M/s Usman Faheed and Arshad. Trainer: Feroz M Khan.

3. LOKAPAVANI PLATE (Div. I), (1,200m), rated 25 & below: Snow Peaks (S.Ramesh) 1, Absence (B.Sreekanth) 2, Manthara (Pradeep) 3 and Prettyyashyashvini (Appu) 4. 1-1/4, 1-1/4 and hd .1m15.43 s. Rs. 125 (w), 32, 40 and 16 (p), FP: Rs. 1227, Q: Rs 337, SHP: Rs 112, Trinella: Rs. 1855 and Rs. 614. Favourite: Southern Pearl. Owner: Mr. B Hariraj Shetty. Trainer: Sharat Kumar.

4. TRIVENI PLATE (1,400m), rated 20 to 45, 5-y-o & over: Dutch Hero (Sreekanth) 1, Win Prettybaby (Krishnan) 2, Darling Dynamite (Janardhan ) 3 and Mr Hurricane (Madhu Babu) 4. 7, ns and 2-3/4. 1m27.00 s. Rs. 31 (w), 14, 94 and 25 (p,) FP: Rs. 1451, Q: Rs. 1068, SHP: Rs. 405, Trinella: Rs. 5894 and Rs 902. Favourite: Dutch Hero.Owners:M/s. S T Kalappa , Vishwanath B. Salvi. Trainer. Bipin V. Salvi.

5. MARGROVE ESTATE GOLD CUP (1,400m), rated 40 to 65, 4-y-o & over: Foswell (Sreekanth) 1, Heat Haze (Srinath) 2, The Darling Boy (Gallagher) 3 and Heydan (Roushan) 4. Not run: Magnitude Star. 8, 3/4 and 2-1/4. 1m 25.37 s. Rs. 56 (w), 16 , 18 and 15 (p), FP: Rs. 90, Q: Rs. 75, SHP, Rs. 50, Trinella: Rs. 334 and Rs. 110 . Exacta: Rs. 2373 c/o. Favourite: Seven Heaven. Owners: Mr Rajan Aggarwal Mr. A. K. S. Brar rep Deshmesh Hargobind Racing Pvt Ltd. Trainer: J. S. Dhariwal.

6. FERNHILLS PALACE MYSORE 2000 GUINEAS (1,600m), 3-y-o, (Terms): Field Marshal (S John) 1, Bold Police (Suraj Narredu) 2, Midtown Magic (S. Zervan) 3 and I Specialist (P. S. Chouhan) 4. 3-1/2, 2-1/4 and 3/4 1m 36.31 s. Rs. 138 (w), 31, 17 and 20 (p), FP: Rs. 365, Q: Rs. 182, SHP: Rs. 43, Trinella: Rs. 2241 and Rs. 1825. Favourite: Severstahl. Owner:Mr. Harresh N Mehta , Mrs Muyurri H Mehta rep. Rohan Bloodstock Pvt. Ltd. Trainer: S. Padamanabhan.

7. ALEKONA TROPHY (1,600m), rated 60 & above, 4-y-o & over: Airplay (Suraj Narredu) 1, Strategic Change (Rajesh ) 2, Tromos (Appu) 3 and Scimitar (Sreekanth) 4. 4-1/4, 3/4 and 1-1/2. 1m 39.06 s. Rs. 16 (w), 12, 19 and 23 (p,) FP: Rs. 54, Q: Rs. 48, SHP: Rs. 46, Trinella: Rs. 246 and Rs. 86. Favourite: Airplay Owner: Mr.& Mrs Vijya Mallya , rep United Racing Blood Stock Breeders Ltd.Trainer: J. S. Dhariwal.

8. JUSTICE P. MEDAPA MEMORIAL CUP (Div. I), (1,100m), rated 20 to 45: Rising Sun (Appu)1, Saphira (Sreekanth) 2, Signifies (P. S. Chouhan) 3 and Indravati (Kiran Rai) 4. Not run: Intrigue . 1, 1-3/4 and nk. 1m 08.40 s. Rs. 18 (w), 12, 16 and 22 (p), FP: Rs. 53, Q: Rs 33, SHP: Rs. 39, Trinella: Rs. 96 and Rs. 65. Exacta: Rs. 1344 c/o. Favourite: Rising Sun. Owner: Capt. Jamshed J Appoo Trainer: G. Nityanand.

9. JUSTICE P. MEDAPA MEMORIAL CUP (Div. II), (1,100m), rated 20 to 45: Take My Word (Mallikarjun) 1,Chakravyuha Bhedak (I. A. Khan) 2, Teleprompter (Christopher) 3 and Mercutio (Noornabi) 4 2, 4 and 1-1/2. 1m 08.27 s. Rs. 22 (w), 13,25 and 20 (p), FP: Rs. 101, Q: Rs. 109, SHP: Rs. 76, Trinella: Rs. 263 and Rs. 102. Favourite:Take My Word. Owner: R. D. Singh. Trainer: Shart kumar..

Jkt: Rs. 11229 (40 tkts). Consolation Jkt: Rs. 1081 (178 tkts). Mini Jkt: (i) Rs. 19476 (2 tkts), (ii) Rs 3659 (6 tkts), Tr: (i): Rs. 2805 (7 tkts), (ii): Rs 114 (373 tkts).
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