Suzuki Hayate in India So Motor Boys

Suzuki launched two variants of motorcycles in the event of New Delhi Auto Expo 2012. Two variants are Hayate and Swish 125.
Uniquely, Hayate in India is not like Hayate matic motor circulating in Indonesia. Hayate Indian motor sport genre, but with only 112.8 cc engine capacity. Hayate was created as a motorcycle to the city with only 112 kg Oboth.

Previously, Suzuki will showcase GW250 predicted in this 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. However, Suzuki did not launch a variant of the sport, but only Hayate and Swish 125.

Unfortunately, no detailed data about the performance of Suzuki Hayate. Only, this motor uses a water cooling system. Suzuki claims the design will be preferred Hayate two-wheeled automobile market of India. Front brake and rear drum system was adopted.

Meanwhile, Swish 125 is a motor with a capacity of 125cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine and CVT gearbox matic. With these machines capable of producing 8:58 hp at 7000 RPM engine speed and torque of 9.8 Nm at 5000 RPM spin.

Swish 125 uses telescopic front suspension and seat width to increase the size of the rider and passenger comfort.

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