Amazing-Yamaha Mio 2005 Jogjakarta So Classic Motor Sport

This modification very top, deh. Imagine, Ressa Wintananda, SE, to change his 2005 Yamaha Mio into a sport. Classical style as well. Reza, so he was often called, is to be separated from the flow of low-rider style, hot rod or drag style is more loved by the builder scooter.
According to his testimony, he prefers the classics. Decision alter the motor was not the intention karerna he wanted to contest. "This bike I use for buying auto parts around," he said.

Despite daily use, he could say his work is creative and innovative, can even say extreme because of Yamaha Mio, only engine that is used. Already then, the position of the scooter engine in the back to move the location to be in the middle.
Interestingly, the front suspension system telelever. Like the older model with a single in the top center position, precisely under the handlebars. Then, hold the front wheel to follow the back of one arm. Including the design of a single rear shock breaker located between the tank and saddle future.

Custom size 14-inch alloy wheels wrapped Swallow tires size 160/70. According to Reza, frame made ​​from scratch by adjusting the dimensions of the engine and CVT. "Frame me adjust its power, although small diamaternya. However, the quality of a good weld-lasannya must be strong," said Reza modification of four-wheeled home KMS, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta.
Though built not to participate in the contest, in fact, when displayed in the Champions Yamaha Mofest Modification Contest 2, region 1 in the City Gudeg, Reza won the trophy as the winner of the class II X-Treme Non Moped. Congratulations.

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