Motor Honda GL100 Chopper Of Waste Workshop

Modification Motorcycle onda GL 100 indonesian,For some modifier, maybe Honda GL 100 not including the usual modified motorcycle. Especially for mild or medium-scale reshuffle due to the default display is not like a young child. For those who happen to have Aya Sofia 1980 GL100 production, it is the challenge.
To overhaul Honda's sport model, Aya had two strong capital. First, he need not designate the house because it had its own modifications to the flag Puspa Kediri Custom Chopper in Teak prosperous, Pondok Gede, Bekasi. Secondly, he is experienced enough to build two wheels. Including his GL100 has been "transformed" into chopper good. "Really like it, still the same style to wear casual and comfortable way still," says Aya.
Motor Honda GL100 Chopper

Big man when KompasOtomotif, last week explained, "Lama also build it, because using that most of the material goods that the client already become waste dibengkel. Basically,all parts except the motor was changed chassis number. "
Every detail of design is the result of cold hands. Such curves are calculated ripe order to follow his size. "So, if driven to be appropriate. I also apply this concept to differing client of mine, "he added.

Typical appearance of the front fork chopper with a long overhanging, to reduce shaking fitted with a screw taken from the motorcycle. Meanwhile, to reduce the stiffness in the back, bottom of the single seat (especially motorists) are given per leaf to bending. In the sector of the legs to make it look more classic, Aya put CB200 front drum and rear, so the typical motorcycle tire chopper with a diameter of more viscous. "Well, if the tank and fenders made of materials is somewhat unique because the alternative base plate CPU computer," said the man was friendly.

Sources of power did not escape his attention. To boost power, Honda Tiger 2000 annexed components. Aya innovations made such an application of the hydraulic clutch master brake Yamaha Force One that has been adapted to fit his position. While relying on lower master's Yamaha RX King, who has re turner and placed on the welding bath Olie Babet.
"There is another unique thing that I praktikin in this motor, about the painting. Pattern formed of flowers tablecloth 'old' was at home, "joked Aya.

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