Yamaha Mio J At Most Hunted Current

Yamaha Mio J At Most Hunted Current Because the color and design are very good, so buyers are very fond of.Outside view from the till.

Yamaha Indonesia has introduced a new breakthrough for the latest Mio scooter 115 cc A newly launched in January. Manufacturers of "tuning fork" this girl's pick JKT48 pop group consisting of 28 beautiful girls, as "Idol Original Indonesia" AKB48 incorporated in the management of Japan (also the creator of the pop group formed in the lyrics Yasushi Akimoto December 2005).

Motorcycle As reported yesterday (28/2), convey a message about scooter JKT48 injection with the headline "1000% Joyful, New Mio J" through You Tube, a duration of not more than one minute. Obviously, this is a breakthrough from Yamaha Indonesia to lift the image of the targeted J Mio sold 900,000 units per year. Indonesia is an important market for Yamaha.

Mio injection machines are 115cc, SOHC 4-stroke, air cooled but there YMJet Fi. Yamaha claims its fuel consumption is very economical 55kpl. With the fuel tank size larger (4.8 liter) can also make consumers more time going back and forth to the pump. I have found no information how much power and maximum torque.

There are few photos or Pictures of Yamaha Mio J, at the time I was there the show YAMAHA roadshow event and I got a Job to Liven atmosphere of live music in Wonogiri Yamaha.

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