Browse 125 Honda Vario Techno Forest

In the Turing "Ultimate Journey Java-Bali,Honda Vario Techno 125 PGM-FI", KompasOtomotif got a chance to try out the new Honda scooter tech injection. Opportunity to undergo this sixth stage,it is very lucky.
Because, by taking the 238 km from Makati to Banyuwangi is relatively long distances and hurdles were not light. Apparently, the trip took 10 hours due to natural disturbances and lucky intercepted Vario Techno 125 remain in a fit condition.


The new road 10 minutes from the lodge in Makati, the group was met by congestion. In this condition, KompasOtomotif utilize to sense the functional features that have Vario Techno 123 PGM-FI. Seat release button, for example, accelerate the process of taking a raincoat of the trunk when the water washed down from the sky group. Combi Brake System (CBS) is also very helpful because, motorists can rely on the rear brake lever (left) in a "stop and go".

Console storage under the bar very handy store small items such as gloves, small towel, until the bottle. Easily accessible and stored objects not easily fall.

In this congestion, condition of the driver is tired. How could I not. Distance of 30 km taken 5 hours and finally, the group was forced to rest in the Tongas, Probolinggo for lunch and rest awhile.

After the restore, the group moved on and get out of jam after entering Probolinggo. To keep pace with time, traveling turing accelerated with an average speed of 70-80 kph. This is possible because it supported a smooth road conditions, winding, rise and fall. Not to mention the beautiful scenery of the plant Paiton, Probolinggo.

In a speed of 80 kph, with a wide-angle bends through without a problem. The stability of suspensions Vario Techno 125 PGM-FI proved in this way. Even the "handling" is still good when scooter should avoid the hole with a speed of 70 kph.

"The technique must be sorted, but despite being 80 kph ngisi continued strength. Strength incredible," said Dimas Pradopo, online journalists from the Motor Plus, who became one of the riders.

After a brief rest in Situbondo, the group moved on to Banyuwangi, after sunset. The road condition is also not much different than before, just a passable asphalt still wet from rain recently completed.

In dark conditions, the trip is done in medium speed average of 60 kph. But, there are times when gas shells also played more as a straight path. KompasOtomotif managed to reach a top speed of 100 kph and there is still residual torsion.

The most challenging road conditions as it passes through the forest or dubbed Baluran Dead Alas pickpocket among Situbondo-Banyuwangi. Without lighting, winding roads, and occasionally found damaged streets. Here the riders demanded a high concentration in order to secure through the shot. Entourage arrive until lodging in Banyuwangi, at around 20:30 pm.

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