PRICE JUPITER Z1 INJECTION Dyonisius Beti, Executive Vice President Director YIMM, say, our ambition is to return to lead the market with the presence of medium ducks Jupiter Z1. Its main advantages are the advantages of technology are contained in motorcycle racing.
"The target for this month we began with 15,000 units, continuing gradually to a level of 25,000 units per month," Dyon comments on the sidelines of the launch. He said that the achievement of sales targets is also closely related to the government's decision to set the base currency (DP) a minimum of 25 percent for motorcycle loans.

Of pernampilannya, Jupiter Z1 specification design changes in some parts, although retaining the red line on the previous model. As seen from the side cover and leg shield which now has a 3-dimensional impression. Then, the design of the headlights and turn signal lights at dusk and look more tapered front tebeng. Not to forget the more sporty look of the rear lights eliminate the round ornaments on the previous model.

So is the speedometer and graphic design stickers are more simple and modern. "The addition of a one (1) on Jupiter is meant to assert its position as a leader in this segment," said Muhammad al-Abidin, Assistant GM Technical YIMM.

The machine did not escape the touch of the claimed strength boosted to 20 percent. The surge was due to motor racing technology YZ Crankshaft Technology, Low Friction Technology, and Forged Piston. This technology is able to increase the acceleration and torque, which has been applied in Yamaha YZ450F dirt bike.

"Setting the implanted injection on Jupiter Z1 Yamaha is successfully changing the character of the machine, pull firmly up and down! But with records, required to keep the engine speed remains high and not to drop," Doni Tata jupiter z1 test test ride through 120 km / h

Yamaha claims the engine is now powered Jupiter Z1 10.06 PS@7.750 Nm@6.500 rpm and 9.9 rpm. Some other changes are made on the machine, use pistron forged pistons and a thin ring. Not to forget, the adoption of the YZ-style crutch on Jupiter is making strides machines more resilient and responsive. For this pasanganJupiterz1 sell helmets z1 yamaha 225 thousand

"The flow of air from the filter is designed to flow down, just like the Yamaha racing motorcycle. If you want to increase the power of 10 percent, how easy, just off the filter," beber Technical Support Assistant General Manager of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia, Abidin Muhammad.

As the ducks daily, Jupiter Z1 package offered was more than enough with 17-25 years of major market segments. Easily be modified is the main goal to maintain Jupiter Yamaha Z1 as a duck champion on the racecourse.

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