PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) again won the Indonesian Best Brand Award (IBBA) 2012 for the category-two automotive wheels through Honda Supra X This award also further strengthens the predicate as the king duck in the country.

The award is given based on the results of a survey involving 2,600 respondents in seven major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, and Banjarmasin. In the event IBBA 201, Honda Supra X listed as one of the brands that have earned the award in five consecutive years.

The award was given in the evening conferment held by SWA magazine, MARS and Metro TV in Grand Melia Jakarta, a few days ago (20/9). These awards also further strengthen Honda's image as one of the brands that customers trust has nine times received awards IBBA.

Head of Corporate Communication AHM Kristanto judge that the award could not be separated from the customer's loyalty and trust of Honda motorcycle products that are known for fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, powerful, modern and stylish.

"Thanks to the customers who have entrusted Honda as a means of daily transportation. Through this award we will continue to deliver the best through our products and services. "

Throughout the month of January to August 2012, AHM achieved 57.5% market share after successfully selling 2,707,804 units. While in the upscale segment of the duck, Honda Supra series dominates with a market share 65.4% or 360,078 units sold. Honda Supra series is one of the major contributors to the sale duck Honda.

Throughout 2012, AHM has received numerous awards such as Top Brand, Automotive Award, Indonesia Most Favorite Brands, SQ Awards, The Best Contact Center Indonesia, World of Mouth, Indonesia Most Admired Company, Kartini Awards, Indonesia Most Favorite Women Brand, and IBBA 2012.

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