Motocross Pirelli Scorpion MX tires Revised Natural

After a few tens of years working in the world of motocross, Pirelli launches new line of Scorpion MX tires.
MX Mid Hard 554 Scorpion MX Mid Hard 454 replaces the new tread pattern. MX Mid Hard 554 is designed for medium to heavy drubbing of terrain such as heavy soil or rocks.
Pirelli offers a new measure of type rear Mid Soft 32 with 110/85-19. Scorpion MX Extra Extra MX X replaces with new front and rear tires are updated within a diameter of 18 "and 19". While Scorpion extra A to minicross.
Mid Soft 32 is prepared to beat the light to medium terrain such as soft mud. X is designed as extra tires and practice pengedaraan semi-pro.
With so Scorpion MX Mid variants have a 554 Hard, Soft 410, Mid Soft 32, 486 Hard, extra X and extra J.

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