Trendy Modification Honda Scoopy 110 cc Retro Styliest Airbrush

Trendy Modification Honda Scoopy 110 cc 2011 Retro Styliest Airbrush-Honda Scoopy Retro appearance has been made forcefully.Currently,Honda scooter was already modified.Indeed, the results are not extreme.However,what is done by the three modifiers,each from Depok and Jakarta, made Scoopy become increasingly elegant appearance,and some even unique.

Honda Scoopy 110 cc 2011

Honda Scoopy 110 cc 2011

Honda Scoopy 110 cc 2011

Honda Scoopy 110 cc 2011

Let's look at the work of Depok Fadis Nofal.On the front shield is attached a kind of plastic material or swarovski crystal with gold and silver color.Interestingly,at night,it gets swarovski reflection of light from the LED on the top of the headlamp shell.
Views become more classics with the additional sepatbor ornament on the front,side and rear,including orders and a gold emblem on the front and rear wheels.
Another claim results from JJ Airbrush Jaedun Mukhtar,Jakarta.Although minimalist,with a spray gun motif make the appearance Scoopy sweeter. The impression that was strengthened again with ornaments sweetener, from front to back.
Let's look at the standard muffler protector, this section switch motif with translucent model. Seat was redesigned to be shorter and sweeter in the presence of added iron basket.
Another uniqueness, both wheels bolt replaced with a model of the fingers so that further reinforce the retro look. Then, under the tip of the front seat there are variations in the lattice wind. Very sweet!
Different again arable modifier Lipurnomo Johnny,owner of Custom World (CW). He tried to experiment with playing in the foot-feet and the installation of device variations so that,when membesutnya, plus happy aja.
Rear wheels using a wheel Rotara size of 5 x 14 inches.To teromolnya, according to Johnny,the same part Honda BEAT or Honda Vario. Width 5 inches is the maximum size without rewind wheel axis. In addition, there are also unique and caliper cover headlights and a hood wearing sein.
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minimalist style

the motorcycle will be more minimalist style-Many predicted rolling.As disclosed modifier Atmodjo Topo Goedel he predicted that the motors would be more minimalist style and has a larger engine capacity and tend not to want to eliminate the original form of the motor.
"The direction is also seen from the government that already allow a large engine capacity motorcycles are present in Indonesia.In addition,this also due to two-wheeled vehicle users are already feeling the boredom to modify his vehicle," he said.

So the manufacturers responded well to produce more leads to safety,functional,and certainly more varied but do not want to eliminate the soul of sports.
Modifications to the motor or motor sports bars will still be dominated by the use of such motor fairing GP or Super Sport Bike.

"If for the bars or the type of motor sport, will still be dominated by the use of the fairing like a motor or Super Bike GP. And there is an increase in the legs as additions to the rim and suspension as it was using mono Schock into a double shock," he said.
The motors are of type or style adventure trail will be more popular again. Due to the style motors such as this there will be no death and always timeless. "This is also seen from the anime community that still enjoys a stylish motorcycles dirt bike," he said.

As for the motorcycle,Topo predict his style will be towards more Racing Look. Because they will not escape with a stylish motor racing or motor racing, and will further lead to a futuristic shape.
"In addition, the possibility also for the duck market,there will be more popular again," he said.

As for the automatic transmission motorcycle market,he said,would shift with very little change in motor automatic transmission.
"This is because the motor matik has many forms and variants. So do not want to eliminate the automatic motor characteristic of automatic motor itself. It is seen from the changes each year that do not undergo much change.
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Motor Antique

modifikasi honda 90
Honda 90 Modifikasi
Honda 90 Blok Kop Karisma

Blok Kop GL 
Honda 90 z Blok Kop GL Pro

Mesin GL Pro
Honda CB

Proses Modifikasi
Honda C 70 Modifikasi

Proses Modifikasi 1
Proses Modifikasi 2

Honda 90 z Modifikasi ( Biru )
Honda 90 z Modifikasi

Honda 90 z Modifikasi
Honda CB 200
Honda CB 200

Perakitan Motor CB
Tiger Modifikasi Custom
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Suzuki RM-Z450,Celebrates 50 Years in the U.S. Market

Suzuki RM-Z450

Suzuki created some negative headlines of late with its recent decision to shut down the automotive side of its business in the U.S. to focus on its powersports lines. What some people may forget is Suzuki has only been selling cars in the U.S. since 1985. Suzuki’s history with motorcycles goes back much further.

The Japanese manufacturer officially entered the American market on Aug. 16, 1963, making 2013 Suzuki’s 50th anniversary in the U.S. To mark its golden anniversary, Suzuki will be giving away a number of prizes every month. Prizes vary from month to month but every two months Suzuki will be giving away a new motorcycle or ATV. The first vehicle prize is a 2013 Suzuki RM-Z450 which will be awarded on Feb. 16.
The celebrations come to a head Aug. 16 with a customer appreciation event at the Indianapolis MotoGP race weekend.
“When Suzuki entered the U.S. market in 1963, customers first experienced the quality, performance value and fun of our products,” says Steve Bortolamedi, senior communications manager for American Suzuki. “We want to commemorate the past five decades of Suzuki in the U.S. market by offering these incredible prizes to our customers to extend our appreciation for their support.”
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Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary

Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary
As 2013 marks Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary, this year’s H-D lineup will have a special ode to the occasion, just like past anniversary models. To commemorate this event, the Harley-Davidson Museum is giving visitors a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the design and planning process that supports its legendary anniversary celebrations in its latest exhibit, Designing a Celebration, opening Friday, Jan. 18.

Many folks take for granted the undertaking of creating an anniversary-themed bike. “The visual treatments created for our anniversary celebrations evoke excitement in our customers as they join us in commemorating these great milestones,” said Bill Davidson, vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum. “The Designing a Celebration exhibit gives visitors a glimpse into the attention to detail our Styling team takes to create the images and logos that appear on our motorcycles and special apparel, including the designs for our upcoming 110th anniversary.”

The exhibit will feature photos, artifacts and stories, narrating Harley-Davidson’s history. Sketches and renderings showing the development of anniversary logos
, displays demonstrating the unique manufacturing processes used to create the special anniversary parts, and examples of the limited-edition anniversary motorcycles will all be available for viewing.

Designing a Celebration will be on display through Labor Day weekend at the Harley-Davidson Museum. The exhibit is located in the main Museum building and is included with the purchase of general Museum admission. For more information, visit
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The 2013 Supercross Works Bikes...
The recession has no doubt slowed some of the progress, however, that hasn’t stopped much in this sport. During the last few years we have seen tremendous advances in ignition systems, electronic fuel injection, front suspension, and now, for 2013, shock technology.

KTM is the first to introduce an air shock to modern racing. The idea is not new in principle, but it does break a longstanding tradition of externally sprung components. The new WP air shock is enshrouded in mystery that has suspension technicians intrigued.
Like most air shocks, the external coil spring is absent, as on Dungey’s KTM 450SX. We don’t know for sure if there is any type of internal spring, although suspension experts believe there may be one to control top out.

Dungey’s shock has a braided line that leads from the shock body to the airbox, and it’s not known if this contains data-acquisition components, some type of smart or active technology, or perhaps air lines to another hidden area. One of the challenges with air shocks is controlling heat, and thusly, air pressure. The braided line on Dungey's bike may be ameliorating the heat/air pressure issue.

The 2013 Supercross Works Bikes

The 2013 Supercross Works Bikes

The 2013 Supercross Works Bikes
There are traditionally two different types of air shocks and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The first is the air bag or bladder-style air shock, and these can use one or two separate air chambers to control force. The second style is the telescoping cylinders like the original Fox Air Shox, but the disadvantage here is seal drag, which is one of the challenges of the new wave of air forks now being used on production motocross bikes.

We spoke to Race Tech’s Paul Thede who says no one will know what type of technology WP and KTM are employing until they want to let the secret out of the bag. There are too many variables that come into play, but Thede does believe damping would be along the lines of traditional style with oil running through small orifices such as valves and shims.

Another trend seen in the pits is the conversion to Showa suspension by everyone except KTM and privateer Josh Hansen. Hansen’s Kawasaki is one of the last bikes to use Kayaba components.
We got terrific access into the Anaheim 1 pits and snapped a ton of photos that reveal many key details of the exotic supercross machinery, so scroll down to see what we discovered.

The littlest Ninja 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300
After finally experiencing competition in the beginner bike market from Honda’s CBR250R, the Ninja 300 looks to regain its stranglehold of the class. The new 300 takes the 250cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-Twin mill of the old Ninjette and pumps it to 296cc by virtue of a longer stroke (49.0 mm vs. 41.2 mm). Bore dimension remains the same at 62.0 mm.
Already a feature in European Ninja 250s, digital fuel injection is now part of the package for American riders. This should cure the EPA-mandated lean jetting used in the old 250’s carburetors, upping performance and mileage while helping it meet ever-increasing emissions requirements and making cold start-ups a breeze. Dual 32mm throttle bodies feed air and fuel to each cylinder. Engine internals get a makeover as well, with larger intake ports and intake valves increasing in size 1mm to 23.6mm.

The undersides of the pistons are revised to more efficiently route oil across their surface. Piston pins are lightened to reduce reciprocating weight, while new, shorter connecting rods offset the longer crank throws, leaving deck height the same as before. Sleeveless “open-deck” aluminum cylinders shave 800 grams and feature a friction-reducing plating. Interestingly, compression ratio is reduced one point, from 11.6:1 to 10.6:1, to allow the use of regular-unleaded gasoline. Maintenance is also simplified with the adoption of an easy-access, spin-on oil filter.

All six gears are beefed up to cope with the added power. Kawasaki’s positive neutral finder also sees its way onto the Ninja 300, making it a snap to find neutral while stopped. A new clutch now sees “assist” and slipper functions: the former helping to reduce lever pull by up to 25%; the latter helping keep the rear wheel in line when performing aggressive or sloppy downshifts.

This new engine is cradled in a frame utilizing high-tensile steel main tubes claimed to be 150% more rigid than before. Revised tube shapes and additional gusseting provide additional longitudinal stiffness for better feel while riding hard. Softer spring rates at both ends of the suspension complement the stiffer chassis, though neither end is adjustable, save for rear preload.

New 10-spoke wheels give a more racer-like appearance, while rear wheel width is upped half an inch to 4.0 inches, allowing a 140-section rear tire to be fitted. Mated to each wheel are single petal-type discs, 290mm front, 220mm rear, paired with twin-piston calipers. According to Kawasaki, ABS models receive the world’s smallest motorcycle ABS unit. Made by Nissin, the entire unit adds less than 4.5 pounds to the weight of the bike.

Styling cues gets inspiration from the flagship ZX-10R, with the split headlight, minimalist tail section and separated seats lending to a more aggressive look. At a claimed curb weight of 379.3 pounds, the non-ABS model gains only 4.4 pounds over the 250.The Ninja 300’s ergonomics feel very similar to the 250 of yesteryear. Its seating position is neutral thanks to bars mounted above the triple clamp, and footpegs are also placed in a comfortable position. Pricing is yet to be determined as of press time. Look for a full review of the Ninja 300 coming soon, as we’ll be riding this exciting small-bore machine next week.
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Airbrush Modified Motors

Airbrush Modified Motors Galleries
Kawasaki Ninja 150 full airbrushKawasaki Ninja 150 full airbrush

The ambition of this web armpit can be reached achievements "How To Airbrush" and as new knowledge or skills to access and enjoy Airbrush a friend as humanly possible.
If your goal is to trainees, how to airbrush on any of these areas: Motorcycles, Harley's, illustrations, models, T-shirts, leather, fingernails, crafts, batting or motorcycle helmets, goalie masks, canvas, wood, Solarium, Office of tattoo's , etc. You purchase this web armpit to one of your best assets of the advisory information is published.

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Harley Davidson cool airbrushHarley Davidson cool airbrush

yamaha mio soul airbrush modifiedYamaha mio soul airbrush modified

Honda CBR chrome airbrushHonda CBR chrome airbrush

suzuki shogun 125 airbrush modifiedSuzuki shogun 125 airbrush modified

Yamaha TZR airbrush modifiedYamaha TZR airbrush modified
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Gambar Modifikasi Motor

Cara modifikasi motor kali ini mau nampilin gambar modifiksi motor

modifikasi motor

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KAWASAKI,Blake Young to Ride Attack Performance CRT

Blake Young to Ride Attack Performance CRT
KAWASAKI,Blake Young,Performance CRT

Blake Young may not have a full time AMA Superbike ride this season but he will get the chance to compete in some high-profile races. CycleNews reports the former Yoshimura Suzuki rider will race for Attack Performance on its Kawasaki-powered CRT racebike at the three U.S. MotoGP rounds.

Young was runner-up to Josh Hayes in the last two AMA Superbike campaigns. In 2011, Young trailed Hayes 363-358 at the end of the season but had a 7-3 edge in race wins. This year, Young had three wins but they all came in the first three double-header events before Hayes separated himself from everyone else on his way to a record-setting season. Despite being one of the few racers with a good chance of catching Hayes, Young found himself without a ride after Yoshimura decided to go in a different direction.

Now that he’s landed with the Attack Performance team, Young will be chasing M1s around the track instead of R1s at three MotoGP races. Young will compete in the April 21 Grand Prix of the Americas at Austin’s new Circuit of the Americas, the July 21 U.S. Grand Prix at Laguna Seca in Monterey, Calif., and the Aug. 18 Indianapolis Grand Prix at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“I got a deal with Richard Stanboli and the Attack guys to do the three wild card races on the CRT bike,” Young tels CycleNews. “I’m really excited about it. I think they put forth a really good effort last year and I’m looking forward to getting on the bike and hopefully getting those guys some good results and hopefully finding some more sponsorship for the team.”

Last year, the Attack team and rider Steve Rapp attempted to race at the Laguna Seca and Indianapolis rounds but failed to qualify for the U.S. Grand Prix. The team redeemed itself at Indy, qualifying 21st and finishing 14th to score 2 championship points.

“I think they did a really good job last year and Steve Rapp rode the bike really well and they had a really good effort put forth,” says Young. “They gave me a call and asked if I’d be interested … at this point I’m pretty much interested in anything and I think this is a good opportunity. To be in that paddock and to learn from those guys … I’m fairly young and that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Maybe CRT is the future and I’d like to be on an American team at the American rounds.”
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Ducati Multistrada 1200 S- Peak Edition

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S- Peak Edition

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S- Peak Edition

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S- Peak Edition

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S- Peak Edition
Ducati Multistrada 1200 S.
Ducati has revealed a variant of its Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak Edition as part of the Wrooom 2013 celebrations at Italy’s Madonna di Campiglio ski resort. With the mountains of northeast Italy as the backdrop, MotoGP factory riders Andrea Dovizioso and Nicky Hayden pulled the covers of the new Multistrada 1200 S Dolomites’ Peak Edition.

The Dolomite’s Peak Edition is essentially the same as the Pikes Peak Edition, a replica of the Ducati Multistrada S that won the motorcycle class races at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb three years in a row. The special edition models add with three-spoke Marchesini wheels, and  carbon fiber racing screen, fenders, air scoops, side extractors and engine guards. Like the European-spec Pikes Peak Editions, the Dolomite’s Peak Edition comes with a carbon Termignoni exhaust.

What separates the two models is the paint. The Multistrada S Dolomite’s Peak edition has the same Ducati Corse striped paint scheme as the Pikes Peak version but adds a mountain motif on the white sections to represent the Dolomites mountain range. The Dolomites’ Peak Edition also bears several Wrooom decals.

Beyond that, the Dolomites’ Peak Edition shares many of the features as the other 2013 S model Multistradas. It is powered by a 1198cc Testastretta 11° dual spark engine claiming 148 hp at 9250 rpm and 91.8 ft-lb. of torque at 7500 rpm. Electronic features include ride-by-wire throttle control, four ride modes, traction control, ABS and the semi-active Ducati Skyhook Suspension system.
At the moment, it’s not clear if the Ducati Multistrada 1200S Dolomites’ Peak Edition will be offered anywhere outside Italy, though it seems unlikely to supplant the Pikes Peak Edition in other markets.
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It was just Kawasaki Binter Merzy INDONESIAN Photo from my friend, who lives in Karanganyar-Surakarta, Indonesia. With the existence of these photos, hopefully can add to knowledge KAWASAKI Binter Merzy Fans, Thank you.